Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Clinton Exit Strategy

Goodbye Hillary. Obama's 17-point landslide victory in Wisconsin yesterday is a sure sign that the Hillary express is out of steam. She is drawing a line in the sand with Ohio and Texas. That strategy has proven faulty, ie: Rudy Guiliani and Florida. Definately a sound strategy for defeating momentum, which Obama definately has alot of. His campaign is like a snowball rolling down a hill. Her campaign is like the Titanic after hitting the iceburg - taking on water. Only question remaining is when will she pull the trigger and stop the bloodletting? After Ohio? Maybe Pennsylvania? She wouldn't dare stay in after being embarrased in Texas. Every day she stays in starting now is comparable to opening up the window and tossing stacks of $100 bills into the wind. At last report she kicked in $5 million of her personal fortune to continue her effort. What's the definition of insanity? At least Mitt Romney surveyed the landscape and realized it's more gratifying to maintain his amassed fortune than be President. Is it just me or is Bill Clinton losing his marbles? As good of a liar as he is, he can't even sell me on the fact that this isn't all about him. I heard soundbites on the radio this past weekend where he actually said "A vote for me..." and had to correct himself. For me the jury is still out on who the best candidate (on both sides) is the best choice, but as a pretty good judge of character I can tell you that we as a country are much better off with her not in holding the highest elected office in the land.


Chris said...

Who would of thought we would be talking about McCain and Obama being the front runners 6-8 months ago when it looked like McCain was headed for disaster, like having no more all you can eat at Horn and Horn at Harford Mall, and with Obama talking about doing lines in college!

Rich said...

At least hillary is not a bitter person.