Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rock Hound

Geology is, among other things, the study of the cumulative effects of forces over time. Temperature, pressure, and mineral composition determine a rock's final personality. Many parallels can be drawn to our own lives. Ultimately we are the product of all the forces that have acted on us in the past, and of the forces acting on us currently. Unlike rocks, we have the distinction of being able to control many of the forces acting upon us. The management of these forces within the time we are given determines the aggregate. Sorry for the terrible pun, but I couldn't resist. Each of us is a project under construction. Any of you who've ever been involved in a constuction project knows that the quality of the final product is a direct result of hundreds of decisions made on a daily basis. Success is determined by the quality of those decisions and the information available to make them. That brings me to the point of all of this, which I will attempt to make without using anymore analogies. My educational background in geology fed my meticulous nature. My constant planning and information gathering have honed my project and life management abilities. I've learned to make informed decisions only after determining the best course of action. The intent of this blog is to make you the reader the benefactor of the wealth of information that I've garnished over time, and continue to accrue. I intend to post what I know. These posts will cover many subjects, but they will all be tied to the common theme of improving your life over time by making informed decisions.

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